• Heavy duty body design
  • Easy and safe use
  • High grinding capacity
  • Minimum vibration on first start
  • Standard de-magnetized system
  • T-groove grinding table
  • Electromagnetic table and clamp can be connected at the same time
  • Standard coolant system

The T 180 sample grinding machine, with its heavy-duty body and strong (3 HP) engine, is designed for the rapid preparation of steel and alloy surfaces.

In addition to the raw samples, the raw samples cut with oxy-acetylene from steel billets in series can be ground. At the same time, an electromagnetic table and a three-legged vise can be mounted to a regular T-slot table. The strong body is made of cast iron and all stress is relieved. All parts working with each other are precision ground and moving parts are supported by roller ball bearings.

The engine of the T 180 sample grinding machine is supported by an electronic drive. Thanks to the smart software and the engine drive system used unwanted vibrations and shaking of the engine at the time of operation have been prevented. During grinding, the performance of the engine was balanced to achieve maximum efficiency. DEMAGNETIZED system offered as standard makes it simple to transfer the ground sample to the electromagnetic table, reducing the grinding time. The grinding process can also be carried out with liquid cooling if desired, with the closed-circuit cooling system inserted in the T 180. Quite resistant to corrosion with a special protective coating and paint.

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