• Machine design combining efficiency and ergonomics
  • Easy use
  • Electronic brake system
  • Fully enclosed steel cabin
  • Standard de-magnetized system
  • The chipping scale is 0.01 mm.
  • Vacuum dust holding system
  • Led lighting lamp
  • High safety standards

The rigorous safety standards of SG 150D instill trust in its users. Dust and noise pollution is also prevented since the grinding process is carried out in a completely enclosed area.

Thanks to the electronic brake system located on the SG 150D, the grinding engine stops within 1 second when the cover of the machine is opened and the emergency stop button is pressed during the grinding process. The strong body is made of cast iron and   all stress is relieved. All parts working with each other are precision ground and moving parts are supported by roller ball bearings.

DEMAGNETIZED system offered as standard makes it simple to transfer the ground sample to the electromagnetic table, reducing the grinding time. The SG 150D sample grinding machine comes standard with a dust-containing hood and a vacuum cleaner, which collects the grinding dust generated during the grinding process in the dust-holding system.

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