T 150A Sample Grinding Machine

-Robust and reliable bench grinder
-Easy, fast and flexible use
-Standard de-magnetized system
-T-groove grinding table
-Electromagnetic table and clamp can be connected at the same time
-Optional coolant system

Thanks to its robust construction, T 150 A provides the best results in the analysis of steel and alloys.

Standard T-slot tables provide flexibility to their users in all grinding requirements.

The only solution for all grinding operations with its optional 3-legged vise and closed-circuit cooling unit. The T 150A’s sturdy and cast frame prevents the engine from wobbling and trembling during take-off. All moving parts are precisely ground and supported with roller ball bearings. DEMAGNETIZED system offered as standard makes it simple to transfer the ground sample to the electromagnetic table, reducing the grinding time. Resistant to corrosion with a special protective coating and paint.

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PG 150X Sample Grinding Machine

  • The economical solution for your sample grinding jobs
  • Simple and robust machine structure
  • Easy use
  • Chip giving drum graduation 0.01 mm.
  • Ø 100 mm electromagnetic table
  • CBN stone can be attached
  • Optional 100×150 mm electromagnetic table

The PG 150X Sample Grinder is a cost-effective alternative for OES surface preparation. The bench’s body is made of cast iron, and all stresses are relieved. All parts working with each other are precision ground. The basic design makes it simple and quick to use. It is used as an auxiliary bench in surface cleaning before hardness measurement and some metallographic applications.

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