About Us

About Us

ONTAS MACHINE IMPORT AND EXPORT INDUSTRY and TRADE LIMITED COMPANY is a family business that has been carrying on its commercial activities since 1983. The company has started manufacturing surface grinding machines and electro-magnetic tables. In 1991, OES and XRF sample preparation machines were also included in the product group and became a sought-after brand on five continents.

Our only purpose in the industry is to keep the time spent using our products by you, our customers, to a minimum and to ensure that you can do it in a repeatable and safe manner. Consumables and the products we manufacture are regularly updated to reflect this.



Ontas Machinery,
A Brand Wanted in 5 Continents...


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Ontas Machinery,
It has become a sought-after brand in 5 continents.

Ontas Machine; By manufacturing in product groups such as electromagnetic table, surface grinding machines and sample preparation machines, it has become a sought-after brand in 5 continents and has become a world giant in its sector.

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